Pureline 6ft Folding Snooker & Pool Table

Space-Saving Home Billiards Table

Short on space, but big on cue sports? No problem. The Pureline Folding Snooker & Pool Table delivers.

It’s built around a thick wood composite bed. A quality green cloth gives good ball roll precision. This means that you play straight and true with every shot. The cabinet itself is slim and lightweight, to help players carry it around. Netted drop pockets with leather liners catch the balls in nets, ready for re-spotting.

When game time is over, unlock the legs and fold them into the table body. Then, when fully folded, the table is just 10cm deep. As a result it can be stored out of the way, for example against a wall, or under a bed.

Choose from two elegant wood finishes – Oak or Dark Walnut – to match the table to your home.

This excellent folding table includes full sets of snooker and pool accessories. You really do get two games for the price of one with the Pureline Folding Snooker & Pool Table.